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TFS 2015 Hosting
We launched managed and shared TFS 2015 hosting in the US and UK. Learn more

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How much will you save using hosted TFS vs running TFS in-house

free tfs proxy servers 4 global locations
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Managed TFS Hosting
managed tfs hosting Get your own private instance of TFS. Learn more

tfs timesheet

TFS Timesheet Hosting
Fully managed TFS hosting solution available
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FREE VSS-TFS Migration
vss migration services From your VSS (Visual SourceSafe) to our TFS hosting
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TFS Build Server
tfs build server Secure Download, Scheduled Builds, Deploy from Server, Continuous Integration, Server Customization
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Hosting in US & Europe

hosted TFS in USA and UK
We offer TFS Hosting
in the US or UK.
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TFS 2010 Hosting

tfs 2010 box DiscountASP.NET offers TFS 2010 hosting in both our US-based and UK-based data center. You can choose TFS 2010 and the data center location in our Shared TFS Sign up form.

If you don't want to share resources and prefer to have your own private installation of TFS, we offer Managed TFS 2010 hosting solutions.
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Explore the features of TFS 2010 Hosting Solutions

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Video: Getting Started with TFS 2010 Hosting

Check out how easy it is to get started with TFS Hosting

- Information about Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010
- TFS 2010 Hosting: Getting Started Guide - PDF

team foundation server 2010

Benefits of TFS 2010

Version Control

TFS 2010 offers cutting-edge version control that seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio. With support for branching and merging, shelving, labeling, concurrent checkout/checkin policies and the association of checkins with work items, your development team can flexibly work in their optimal workstyle.

Work Item / Bug Tracking

TFS 2010 includes an integrated work item tracking system. The work item can consist of requirements, tasks, bugs, and issues. The work item system is also extensible so you can define your own parameters.

Microsoft SPLA Licensing

With TFS 2010, Microsoft changed their licensing model which introduced the TFS Basic and TFS Full skus as well as lowered the Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) licensing fees (which we as a hoster must pay Microosft monthly).

TFS Basic provides the basic source control and work item tracking. The TFS Full sku adds SharePoint and Reporting.

What this change means to you is that the pricing for TFS hosting can be significantly reduced. This allows us to deliver TFS hosting at a much lower rate than was possible with previous TFS versions.

Streamlined Flow of Data

TFS 2010 improves the flow of data across your entire development and project management teams by centralizing the project artifacts repository facilitating in-context collaboration.

Custom Process Templates

Our implementation of TFS 2010 hosting allows you to use existing agile methodology templates including SCRUM or the Microsoft native Agile Methodology, or choose a third party process template, or use your own custom template.

Explore the features of TFS 2010 Hosting Solutions

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