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The following reviews and testimonials are real comments provided by real customers and partners.

best hosting service Award Winner: As a first in the history of Windows Hosting, DiscountASP.NET won the "Best ASP.NET Hosting Service" Award in asp.netPRO Magazines Readers' Choice poll for the Third Consecutive Year! (Read More)

"DiscountASP.NET is a top-notch, ASP.NET developer-focused Windows Hosting provider that we are pleased to have had the opportunity to partner with to offer our ASP.NET developers with an advantageous Web hosting solution. The combination of our award-winning products provides ASP.NET developers with a solution that empowers their application development and enhances their deployment experience on the new .NET Framework 2.0 or 1.x."
- G. Eydelsteyn, Managing Director of ComponentOne

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Reviews and Testimonials From 2007

December 2007

"The really good thing about this service is that they are always one step ahead of me, my site uses technologies like wcf and .net ajax and for every problem I've encountered there was already a solution in their KB."
- A. Yarkoni

"We are very glad to inform you that our customer is very happy and the reporting sdervices of sql 2005 can access by our asp web application. Thank you very much for your kind support and assistance. Wish you all team members a very happy & merry Xmas and a prosperous new year 2008."
- F. Sebastian

"You are great, guys!! It worked perfectly! This was everything I was hoping for, from this hosting service... most helpful, thanks!"
- P. Gomes

"Wonderful to deal with, one of the best hosting providers around."
- R. Hamilton

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for incorporating SPAM filtering with the new SmarterMail system. I used to get hundreds of SPAM a day and now just get a handful, and 90% of them are tagged as SPAM in the subject line. Makes it very easy to delete. Keep up the good work."
- Griff

"The team over at DiscountASP.NET have just launched .net 3.5 hosting platforms in their offerings! That's right, you can host your .net 3.5 web apps with them! ... in addition, they've enabled cardspace integration so you can login to your control panel using one of your personal information cards. pretty cool, i'm going to have to check that out. thanks to DiscountASP.NET for continued support to user group communities as well as being an early adopter hoster so that early adopter developers can benefit!"
- T. Heuer

November 2007

"DiscountASP.NET is the BEST hosting place on the web. I stand behind you guys 100%!"
- MJ Parker

"Just wanted to say, fantastic service, quick responses to emails. Lovely control panel. Sales staff knew what they were talking about. Despite being in the UK the site loads very quickly and best of all, fantastic prices. Job well done!!"
- C. Evans

"Thank you so much for your quick response. Our site is working smothly now and your hosting feature like AJAX, Enterprise Library are wonderful. I am really satisfied with your hosting services. I begin to love DiscountASP.NET over other hosting company."
- A Levi

"You sure hit a home run with the release of the SQL Backup API. This is just what the doctor ordered for our company. We have multiple databases for our product for which we like to retain our own local copy for backup purposes. Performing this manually would have been very labor intensive, thus very costly. Instead, with just an investment of a few hours of work, we were able to create a program using your API which we have scheduled on one of our in-house servers to do the entire process, including deleting the backup, creating a new one, downloading it and then gathering bandwidth and storage usage statistics. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with what you offer your customers. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Rubertone

"Firstly that was the quickest response to a support request I have ever had! ... Where hosting sites are 2 a penny these days and support is almost a non existent add-on, it's refreshing to deal with a company that actually delivers what they advertise on their site! ... You have my undying loyalty. :-)"
- E. Nodland

"DiscountASP.NET has proven to be an excellent no non-sense service provider who is constantly providing new tools and technologies in addition to exceptional quick response support. These guys get it..."
- B. Majeed

October 2007

"Can I just take the opportunity to say thanks for everything so far at DiscountASP.NET. I was with for a few months before I came to you guys, and during that time I was unable to get anything to work - not, or silverlight, or sql server connections, or ajax - even emails were not coming through. Since I've come to you you guys all my testing has worked first time - ASP.NET, Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 apps, SQL Server and AJAX tests - it's all working perfectly - without one issue. I have no affiliation to anyone, so I hope this feedback counts for something...."
- C. Wright

Even those that are cancelling services have positive feedback: "I would like say that the service offered by DiscountASP.NET is simply amazing. If I had any further plans to upgrade and improve my website then I would rather have my site hosted no where else but here, I will make sure that I mention you guys to anyone that I come across who is looking for a web hosting company, thank you again for everything."
- F. Hermez

"Starting a small business is a lot of work. I have dealt with several companies from phone to electric to internet and NO company had the courtesy to respond quickly and with the correct information. All of that adds up to more time and expense sorting out problems. DiscountASP.NET recoginizes the long-term benefits to all parties of superb service and honest representation. Thanks again for everything! ... My only question now is how did your company train people to be such great service agents. I'm speechless. Thanks for all your help!"
- L. Lewkowski

"DiscountASP.NET is critical to the performance and scalability of the products we offer. With their excellent service I can rest assured that we are offering solid uptime and speed to all of our customers. We've been using DiscountASP.NET from day one and we couldn't be happier with the support and value we receive every day."
- R. Strazzarino

"I have been a customer of DiscountASP.NET for a very long time now and have had excellent service from day one. I recommend your hosting service to both my own clients and friends. The easiest part about building a web application or web site is creating the account with you. :-) Thanks for all the great years and look forward to many more."
- J. Nelson

"I looked at everyone else (pretty much, I do have a life) and found this diamond. hosting doesn't get any better than this. I was trying to get a Dotnetnuke Portal going. Since its open source, DNN limits support to their forums. Editing the config file was very time consuming. Instead of pointing fingers, their support helped me tremendously and QUICKLY. It wasn't DiscountASP.NET's problem, and it was third party software, but they went out of their way to help. They now have a customer for life and are hosting a Fortune 50 company's marketing website as a result."
- Pete

"Awesome! That was the issue. Thanks for the excellent support."
- B. Goff

September 2007

"DiscountASP.NET is a great service and I recommend all my affiliates who prefer the .Net platform to go with DiscountASP.NET."
- N. Muneshwar

"They've always been reliable when I've used them and everyone I ask who still uses them still raves about the service."
- Jay

"Hey DiscountASP.NET! I have been messing around with GoDaddy to get an SQL database on line and accessed through Web Expression, Visual Studio, SQL management, and everything in between. I've called them, searched their knowledge base, etc. etc. and couldn't get an answer about connection strings, and getting a database connected. I've been working on this, off and on, for months. I bought training sessions, checked out books, ... nothing...... I got the SQL database provisioned through you guys and had it connected within minutes!!!! Now I want to set up a membership only website.... seems like it will be a piece of cake now that I've found the right home"
- Peg

"I wanted to thank you for your detailed response. I have implemented the migration and it looks like things are working properly again. It is rare to find this high level of services in IT and I will continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues alike."
- E. Richter

"SmarterMail is a huge upgrade! It has enough features that if I were to set up a small/medium size office I would consider using SmarterMail/Discountasp rather then setting up an Exchange server. Thanks and please pass this on to all parties concerned."
- J. Atkinson

"As always you guys in Tech support are one step ahead looking back!! ... I am a long time customer and am going be a customer even LONGER!! WOW!! I am a software developer and fully realize how thankless you guys' job is; so THANK YOU!!! Make your boss buy you a beer or at least a lunch!!!"
- J. Hansen

"Just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure creating/managing a new site using DiscountASP.NET. The control panel and database management is awesome.... Setup was a snap. Migrating the SQL Express database was a breeze. The control panel is better than anything you could ask for. The speed has been very fast with zero downtime. I’ll be using DiscountASP.NET for all my clients for now on instead of GoDaddy."
- T. Bara

"Thanks a lot for the prompt response.... and I must say you have excellent service. Thanks again."
- F. Zavliaris

"On Wednesday, I signed up for 12 months of hosting with DiscountASP.NET. In the matter of about an hour, I did the following:
- Completed an online transaction with DiscountASP.NET
- Accessed my new site through the Control Panel
- Downloaded the latest dasBlog bits for ASP.Net 2.0
- Uploaded the dasBlog bits to my new site
- Switched the DNS servers to my new ISP
- Moved the content folder from my old host to DiscountASP.NET
- Minor configuration to secure and customize my blog
I'll have you know that I have not yet contacted DiscountASP.NET..., nor have I had to read their online help documents. The entire process was smooth as silk. I was shocked. My previous personal and professional experiences have always left me in need of some type of resolution. This is how it should be — DiscountASP.NET has done a great job and I'm grateful."
- A. Hay

"Thank you so much for all your help. You truly are the best web hosting site around. Your customer service is excellent. Once again thank you."
- J. Majko

"I have had nothing but great experiences in my little development company's 4-5 year history with DiscountASP.NET; .... and I know how hard the Tech support people work... In my estimate, we have probably referred/put up 3-4 dozen sites to/with you, and have never been sorry we did. Anything further I or our people can do to help you we will do; ... and we will continue to get more customers for both of us."
- P. King (Testimonial #2)

"Many thanks for your helpful response. You guys at DISCOUNTASP.NET are great."
- R. Obire

"Vikram, I think I love you. That was it - just in time for my client demo to sell my product tomorrow morning! Thanks so much"
- A. Ibarguen

"I really appreciate your help, and I am so glad we host with and recommend you guys, you really are the best ASP.NET host."
- P. King (Testimonial #1)

August 2007

"Thank you so much. I knew you get right back to me. You guys are great.... I have been constantly pleased with my DiscountASP.NET experiences and you deserve kudos... I have learned a lot from your site, and the various links."
- S. Titus

"I've had a GREAT experience with DiscountASP.NET. I have been using the host for quite some time now and I very satisfied with the service they provide, very recommended!!"
- Anonymous Review

"HOLY CRAP you are fast. NO wonder I recommend clients to you guys."
- C. Bazin

"Thank you. Works perfectly, first time! The instructions on your web site were a Godsend. Gave me exactly what was needed in a few simple steps. I am very very pleased with my service to date. DiscountAsp gets an A+ and trust me, I'm a hard grader!!"
- J. Cole

"I've been a customer for a few years now and although I may not take advantage of everything you have to offer, my expectations have been exceeded almost every time I have need to talk to anyone from DiscountASP.NET. I have a number of friends who are constantly changing their hosting company and still complain about poor service and downtime. I am pleased that I have never had these problems."
- P. Jones (Testimonial 2)

"As always, DiscountASP.NET support is king, #1, best in the world.... I can't tell you how much I enjoy being hosted by you guys. Your knowledge and service is beyond excellent. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"
- P. Jones (Testimonial 1)

July 2007

"I wanted to thank you for all of your support, and to tell you that bar-none, your hosting service is #1."
- G. Lusty

"Your feature set rocks... I am a highly seasoned .NET (and any other language you can think of) veteran, and your services are great for both the developer and the production minded! I hope to be closing a deal next month for which I'd need dedicated production hosting space, and you are definitely my first pick. I have gone through the entire evaluation process with all your competitors, and you are definitely the leader by an order of magnitude. Your integration, upkeep with current technologies, and a dozen other things make you by far the best service I've worked with. Many thanks ..."
- W. Neithardt

"You have provided excellent service. In the last couple years I have had very little problems, almost none at all with your services. I always recieved a prompt response on the few questions I did need answered... Thanks for the excellent service, I recommend you guys to everyone."
- M. C.

"Thank you, thank you very much.. as ussual.. you guys gave me the best of your effort.. THANK YOU."
- L. Molina

"I am so very satisfied by your prompt service. Thank you :)"
- M. Reilly

"Thanks for your prompt action - you guys are great to deal with."
- A. Lee

June 2007 - DDOS Attack-Related

Background: DiscountASP.NET was under a massive DDOS attack for two days (June 21-22) which took down all web and email services crippling our business and customer's businesses. The magnitude of the DDOS attack was on a scale that security experts we consulted with had never seen before. We worked round the clock for two days and implemented a DDOS mitigation solution. Now our ASP.NET Hosting services are even more stronger than before as we are prepared for similar attacks.

"Another thumbs up here for DiscountASP..NET. I understand the frustration of losing customers through perceived bad service; it's happened to me too. But reading some of these comments, I do wonder if some people really understand just how difficult defeating a well organised DDOS attack is. Yes, we all know what 'DDOS' means, but do you really, really understand how, if the attack is co-ordinated in the right way, it is practically impossible to defend against? If you believe otherwise then I think you need to learn more about it. Until I struck out on my own last year, I was an IT Security professional working for a major multi-national corporate. We ran sites with millions of hits a day and had to defend against thousands of attacks. And despite our budgets of many millions of dollars for security, none of us ever believed that it is possible to be 100% protected against a well organised DDOS attack. While the Internet remains a network of multiple ownership, it is simply impossible to be prepared for all eventualities. Indeed, we sometimes needed the cooperation of several Tier 1 carriers to mitigate certain attacks. And we only had access to this kind of cooperation because we were such a carrier ourselves. For the price, the DiscountASP.NET service is unbelievably good value. If you want a serious increase in network redundancy, you'll have to increase you spend by two or more orders of magnitude. And even then, if any provider implies they can defend against all DDOS attacks then frankly, they are lying to you."
- Holf

"I want to send out a word of appreciation to the team at DiscountASP.NET. A couple of days ago they were hit with a mammoth DDoS attack which basically shut them down, and consequently my company, for a couple of days. Apparently, it was a worse case scenario. I run my livelihood through my web service and if we’re not up, my employees are sitting around and my customers who use my services are calling me. This type of thing is not a good situation for anyone. DiscountASP.NET was able to come up with an emergency page where they posted information on the attack. This was very important to me as I needed to inform my customers about what was happening. On day 2 of the attack I started to consider my options of switching and started looking around. Some competitors had a list of questions which they advised I ask my provider, so I did. What I did get in response from DiscountASP.NET was a well thought out personal letter addressing all my concerns and answers to all my questions in the detail I needed to make an informed decision. That really impressed me. I’ve submitted tickets and they have always made me feel like and individual and a valued customer. No provider is perfect. All systems will fail at one point or another. The attack exposed some areas of weakness; but DiscountASP.NET rose to the occasion, worked around the clock, got us up and running again, and personally assured me that they are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and told me how. What more could I ask for? After shopping around, and asking a lot of questions, I’ve chosen to stay with DiscountASP.NET and am recommending them to others. The hosting is great, the pricing you can’t beat, but most important to me, they offer great customer service. Let he who has ears let them hear: “Exceptional customer service is what keeps customers coming back and spreading the word!” "
- Bob O.

"Thanks for the update. My boss was a little perturbed by the calls we received from our customers when the attack took place. I realize that these things do happen, and can happen to any site out there. It overwhelmed us with an issue that we could not fix, and our customers looked to us for answers. We did find out about the attack and relayed the message to our customers. It affected our own email as well. Keep up the good work, and "darn the hackers" who do this."
- P. Santabarbara

"We just want to thank you for solving the problem you had with the DOS attack. We were about to close the account and move to another web hosting company but while shopping around we found learned that you are the best! Thank you again."
- R. Silva

"Thank you for keeping us so well-informed of the ddos attack. Your explanations were simple and clear. I appreciated being able to send my web users to your communication site. We all learned something from it. Your service and knowledge are outstanding and it makes me feel very secure knowing that all of you are keeping the rest of us safe and running. I hope you all are getting the sleep you deserve."
- D. Wahl

"I fully understand the capacity in which your team was/is involved in this unfortunate issue and wanted to acknowledge how much I appreciate the amount of work the DiscountASP.NET team has contributed to my issue, as well as others."
- R. Sanborn

"Just a word of thanks and encouragement to all people at DiscountASP.NET on how you handled this mean-spirited attack on your business and clients. These are attacks to terrorize honest businesses and I hope the culprits can be found and brought to justice. This will certainly not affect my loyalty to your excellent company."
- E. Mildenstein

"Everything is good today - I've done research on my ISP, BellSouth, and apparently they are notorious for lagging behind for dns changes. I can now access everything, including the control panel. Thanks for the good responses from Support via email during this tough 3 days."
- A. Ibarguen

"Well done! Thanks a lot. Appreciate the hard work you guys have done to get it back under control. Thanks for letting us know what was happening via the email and emergency website."
- P. Weighell

"Thank you for the explanation, and the new DiscountASP.NET Status website. I understand how difficult DDOS attacks can be, and your detailed explanation covers it well. Kudos to the DiscountASP.NET staff for handling the situation in a timely and professional manner."
- J. Lehman

June 2007

"DiscountASP.NET is AWESOME! 30 minutes, and my site is set up and running! I have wasted three complete days with godaddy! ... I'm just happy that you have the equipment and staff to make a deployment work like it's supposed to. I'm a happy customer."
- T. Elam

"I've been using them for a couple of years now. It's one of the easiest hosts to configure and is reliable."
- B. Reiss

"I signed up for hosting about 3 weeks ago and started working on putting together the environment for our new business. We worked in IT for couple years, but working with hosted environment for the first time. I should say that my experience so far is very amazing, you have very helpful site with knowledge base and very user friendly interface for site management! I contacted support for couple times and your representatives are very helpful and friendly and don't leave any questions unresolved and always follow up. This is amazing! As I mentioned in my original email, so far it's the best experience with support communication I had before."
- B. Alina

"I've been very happy with DiscountASP.NET in the brief couple of months I've used them."
- B. Graf

"I'll second DiscountASP.NET - I've been with them since the beginning of the year for one of my sites and they've been great so far ...and not that expensive either (as you could probably gather from their name) ;)"
- J. Mauss

"You have fantastic service and the best hosting product I have encountered."
- B. Shalton

"Thank you for the excellent service that you offer and for a great functionnal website to host SQL2005 and ASP.NET applications. I did 3 places before finding your website. Yours top them all."
- C. Lafrance

"The response from the forum and support has been very quick - I am very impressed by that."
- J. Gallagher

"I could write a disertation on how good you guys are. Whenever I have an issue you are right on it. I have 4 sites hosted with DiscountASP.NET and you are always on top of things."
- S. Loper

"I LOVE the master account feature. Thank you for all your help."
- R. Hammer

"That did the trick. You now have made a happy customer. Thanks for the walkthrough. Now I will be bringing over the 2 other sites I have hosted at other places."
- J. Benson

"Once again, thank you very much for you/your team's great support. I really appreciate it."
- P. Hoe

"Thanks so much, you guys are great, has anyone ever told you that ;-)) really. Best wishes"
- M. Schupbach

May 2007

"Keep up the good work, and my company is VERY pleased with the level of professional, quality service we have been receiving thus far... Thanks so much! You guys rock!"
- J. Nies

"At the start I must say that I was very satisfied with your service... You really deserve all awards for best hosting company."
- Z. Kozamelj

"DiscountASP.NET is very very good .... a service of quality has a high value."
- spdfox

"Thank you for the continuing great service..."
- M. Basgun

Re: >Web.config Encryption - "Great Job... I think this is great support for developers on the part of DiscountASP.NET, regardless of the relative safety of unencrypted config files I think everyone feels better if they have the option to encrypt sections so thanks again for this great move in support of developers."
- Madvox

"Although I do not have e-commerce or a "real" web application yet – I continue to be very happy with DiscountASP.NET and appreciate the efforts to add new and useful features for a fair price."
- A. Summers

April 2007

"You should check our DiscountASP.NET. Their pricing for ASP.NET hosting is quite affordable. I'll second that. I've had a great experience with DiscountASP.NET"
- TBone

"I've had a GREAT experience with DiscountASP.NET. I'm mostly impressed with their quick response to my questions, and the accuracy of their answers. Earlier today I had a database problem with my website. I asked them a fairly generic question about the problem, and their techs made several suggestions, which was right on the money. I've tried other hosting companies that leave you feeling like a lab rat -- but not DiscountASP.NET. I highly recommend this company!"
- M. Markham

"Thank you VERY much - the parent directory web.config's xhtmlConformance mode was indeed set to legacy. It is now set to Transitional and all works. I would have NEVER caught this without your expertise assistance. Again, thank you VERY much"
- Paul S.

"I recommend using DiscountASP.NET. They support both MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005 and both 1.1 and 2.0. I am a DiscountASP.NET customer, and I think they are top notch. Their service is excellent... "
- Iration

"I'm very happy with the quality of both your technical and personal support and I'll keep recommending you when asked who's the best asp host around."
- J. Nichols

"I am extremely happy with DiscountASP.NET . When I was back in school I had taken my .Net classes and wanted to try my hands on ASP.Net and bought a test domain and played with it. The staff were very friendly and answered all my dumb questions and I was really surprised how quick they were in replying to my emails. Now, I got a new account with them and working on a new commercial site. To summarize, DiscountASP.NET is the best .Net hosting site I have seen and it is worth the money. But of all, I like their helpful staff who is quick in response to their customer's questions! Thanks Guys !!"
- S. Sundaram

"Hello, I've been working on getting my site into production and just wanted to drop you a note on how happy I am with your service. I'm extremely pleased with everything I've seen from DiscountASP.NET. I'm really happy about you doubling the bandwidth usage. But most important to me is this simple statement about who you are: "We do not outsource our customer support to other companies and/or other countries. We do our own support in-house." I think you should play this positive statement a bit more. Keep up the good work!"
- J. Andrews

"Just a quick thank you to all the Team at DiscountASP.NET for a job well done. I have only signed up in the last few weeks but I am extremely pleased with the level of service and communication. This is def a hosting company I will recommend."
- devstuff

"I'm very impressed with your responsiveness on a Saturday, by the way. This site is a "moonlighting" project I'm doing for a friend, so knowing that I'll be able to get support on a weekend is awesome! I feel like I made a good choice with DiscountASP.NET! :)"
- I. Olsen

March 2007

"Many thanks for your quick and helpful response on this matter - although I've only been a customer of yours for a few days I am already highly impressed with how efficient you all are. Thanks!"
- M. Fairhurst

"THANK YOU! Really, really impressed by your response! Thank you again, you've been hugely helpful and the speed of the response is unheard of!"
- M. Wittenburg

"I appreciate the extra miles you went for me. The outstanding service of DiscountASP.NET is why I recommend your hosting service to many friends."
- M. Xue

"DiscountASP.NET has a great service! If you ever need a testimonial let me know. I have recommended your guys to [3 sites] this year. Keep up the great service!"
- T. Sasnauskas

"Thanks for the quick response guys are the best!"
- M. Gann

"It has really been a pleasure so far and I have only the best compliments on your professionalism. I am so nicely surprised with your fast response and be sure I will recommend DiscountASP.NET further."
- M. Islami

"I just want to say how positive my experience has been with your technical support department. Your team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and extremely customer-service oriented. Your response times are unbelievable. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!"
- D. Ackerman

February 2007

"I moved from my provider (was in Germany) to you after I've done a deep research. As a senior SW engineer developing with .NET the last years, I have to say: your service rocks ;-). The tools are _great_ folks, every piece of the admin GUI is well designed. Great work, I can't even compare it to my previous providers in this price range. DB attach/detach/backup, APP pool recycling, .NET1/2 settings.. Nice job! I moved all my application files, HttpHandler logic, UTF-8 encoded files, a lot of SQL structures and heavy localized data content (Slovak language, guess the chars!) - no problems at all, I couldn't believe it ran after the 1st setup. If I shall find anything I should think you could improve, I'll sure let you know. But so far, I was able to order, activate, transfer app + db (sitting in Switzerland) from Germany to USA , configure and run my web platform with _no_ support from you ;-). Ajax.NET, T-SQL, .NET2, uploading files, HttpModule etc. Congrats, folks, this I call a success story."
- A. Macko

"I am a developer in the industry for 15 years. Who I bring my clients to for their ISP needs is one the most critical choices to make. For this reason I bring most of my clients to DiscountASP.NET. Their customer service is always quick, informative, and never contains 'fluff' messages designed to respond but not inform. They are always cultivating relationships with other services to offer their customers that is useful to me as a developer. This strengthens the services I can offer my clients. I have used most of the ISP's out there for my Microsoft, ASP, Access and SQL needs. DiscountASP.NET has been the best service to date that I have used. I recommend them to many others as well."
- J. Leahy

"As always, thanks for you prompt response and attention. I have sung the praises of you guys to everyone I know looking for a hosting provider. Keep up the great work!"
- M. Merchant

"I've always had great support from DiscountASP.NET and my site is always online. Never any problems at all and I host a few different sites on their servers for the last year. "
- Paul M.

"Thanks for your good service over the past year. I have experienced less down time with your service than any other hosting service I have tried. Keep up the good work!"
- M. Hillman

"That's the first time I get this kind of problem and I can tell you that I've really appreciated the technical support of DiscountASP.NET. I understand now why they were Readers' Choice for Pro. Thanks a lot I really appreciated what you did for me and my company."
- JP. Cornez

"Been with DiscountASP.NET for about 3 years now. They have been very cooperative with enabling/cancelling features and charging/crediting promptly and fairly. I have had ZERO credit card problems - they have always done exactly as I have expected. Service-wise, last week I had them activate a SQL Server 2005 account. Had some trouble on my end making the connection. The first time in 3 years I raised a ticket. Their response to my initial ticket was about 2 hours. I was away for quite a while, & when I didn't respond they followed up. Finally, when I was able to sit down & work at it, they were back & forth with me in minutes until the problem was resolved. I found this as good or better than most phone help desks I have worked with. I can't vouch for high volume performance, but for me, with a couple of small web apps, experimenting with different databases and programming technologies, I couldn't ask for a more economical, flexible arrangement. No regrets whatsoever."
- D. Eaglesham

"I don't often get a chance to say this but your support team and general hosting environment has been great for our business. We now have about 12 sites set up and the ease of setup and management will enable us to grow rapidly."
- D. Arbuthnot

"I am very pleased with the prompt service you provide. I was impressed when my first domain was up and running in less than an hour. This is a velcome change from my old web hosting, and it makes doing business a lot more enjoyable."
- Y. Croosh

"DiscountASP.NET is an awesome host, I have two sites with them. I started learning ASP through them and they helped me iron out the kinks. Nothing but respect for these guys."
- Keith

"I just want to tell you that I think you guys are doing a fantastic job! I brag about your company to everyone I talk to when the issue comes up - especially those who mention godaddy! Customer service is the first thing I begin making them aware of. Then, I follow it up with how restrictive they are in allowing you to actually get the things you need to effectively administer a website. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Tarrance

"It worked perfectly. It is refreshing that everything has worked perfectly since coming across from [my previous host] where nothing ever worked at all! Cheers."
- M. Pollock

January 2007

"I wanted to say again that I am impressed at the speed of response from DiscountASP.NET support. Great job."
- R. Nath

"I have been with DiscountASP.NET for 4-5 years now and have been using SQL for 2 and have had no problems whatsoever. Any quirks that I have come across (usually due to my own mistakes) have been quickly resolved by DiscountASP.NET. I have many friends that have struggled through many many host changes due to poor service or poor performance while I sit back and smile at how successful my site has been. One of these days, they'll listen to me when I recommend DiscountASP.NET to them!"
- P. Jones

"I don't use my account at DiscountASP.NET too much because of time issues (I usually have zero free time) but this thread exemplifies why DiscountASP.NET are a fantastic web host (which is something coming from me as I also own a hosting business!). Here we have a red hot new release and the people at DiscountASP.NET are actively working to deploy it, helping customers, etc. Fantastic. Sorry if this is the wrong place but you all deserve a pat on the back. Keep up the good work!"
- VirtualRichard

"I'm more and more impressed by DiscountASP.NET"
- Polybius

"I just want to thank you guys for helping me today for the second time since being with DiscountASP.NET only a week ago, just by reading your forum entries. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
- Ramco777

"Thanks for all the help I've received from you and a whole bunch of people over there at DiscountASP.NET. Please extend my gratitude to everyone over there for all the great help the team has been. You can be sure Ill always recommend to DiscountASP.NET whenever I can."
- K. Stangl

"Once again thanks to all DiscountASP.NET forum members. Because through forum i learn so many things and then with in short time I finished my web application as early as possible."
- Nadh

"I am very satisfied with its services. The new improvements have me very pleased. Happy new year."
- C. Gaviria

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