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The following reviews and testimonials are real comments provided by real customers.

"I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job of offering top quality dotnet hosting at an affordable price. I was surprised how smooth your signup process is. All the associated services came on immediately (email, ftp, dns, etc), which was great since I was pressed for time. Keep up the great work!"
- J. K. Croney
  Program Manager
  Microsoft ASP.NET Team

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Testimonials and Reviews From 2004

December 2004

"Thank-you for such a fast turn around on enabling SSL and for holding my hand along the way. I am very glad that I recommended your company for hosting to clients I develop websites for."
- R. Grady

"Beautiful! You guys are amazing! Your support never ceases to impress me."
- J. Schneider

"Just wanted you to know that your quick response yesterday, saved my day. Thanks"
- T. Regev

"We appreciate so much your support. We are very happy with you we had had an excellent experience and almost 100% free problems and when there is any problem we get the solution in just 30 minutes. Your support team is the heart of the company. Nowadays the support and service is almost the 90% of the core of a company and your team works excellent. Maybe they already know me very well because we often ask for technical questions, and so on but they give us a great treat and with the right answer."
- A. Vazquez

"Thank you so much! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your excellent service! I will continue to shout your name from the mountain tops!"
- B. Richardson

"I was very impressed at how quickly I set the site up and specifically, the instructions on the DotNetNuke setup. I had it loaded in about 4 minutes or so. Please pass that along. :)"
- T. Sweet

November 2004

"The new SQL admin tool is what I was looking for. I'm really glad we chose you all for our hosting. Keep up the great work!!!!!"
- B. Hale

"I am an ASP/VB.NET/ASP.NET programmer, and have been writing online database-driven web applications for 10 years. IMHO, DiscountASP.NET offers the best valued web hosting package around. They have a comprehensive list of tools and controls freely available to hosted sites too. Their customer service is customer-oriented, and the Help and FAQ areas are chocked full of content."
- J. Miotke

"Thank you very much for all your help. I have tried many different web providers and have never had this kind of support. I appreciate your patience with me making life simpler for me."
- J. Brock

"We frequently recommend your company to our clients and it is superb customer service like this that drives us to do so. Thanks again!"
- J. Fisher

"Hooray! You have a great tool for building and maintaining SQL Server databases! Thank you for providing this functionality!"
- N. Goldman

"Very impressive service! Thanks for your timely response and action! So far, absolutely no regrets in partnering with you to host our web site!"
- D. North

"Worked perfectly! Thanks for the speedy response! You guys are awesome!"
- W. John

"For the past several weeks I have tried and tried to find a hosting company that could effectively handle my needs. Four companies later I find you guys and all I can say is I wish I had found you first. I have dealt with the biggest bunch of idiots with these other companies who seem like they don't actually have a clue how .net works. So, I just want to say THANK YOU for providing the services the way they are supposed to be handled. The setup was quick and easy and my page worked perfectly fine the first time (on the temp url). You have no idea how much of a relief this is to finally have good hosting. I am the web developer for the company I work for and right now we are having the same problem there (trying to find a good host) but I will surely be pushing to have them switch to you guys."
- M. Haynes

"I am the Manager of Web Development for our site. I would like to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone there who makes your interface to manage our site. It's absolutely, hand downs, the best interface I have ever encountered in my over 13 years in the profession. I was able to nearly flawlessly setup the entire site with an hour or two."
- S. Davis

"I started feeling that I have made a very right decision by choosing you. Your technical expertise and the concern to the customers problems is really heart winning. I struggled with my earlier hosting provider a lot on technical front and was really never able to get the desired support. You have made a big difference. What I wasn't able to do with them for the past six months, I could get that same working in proper shape in just 3-4 days."
- N. R. Surapaneni

"Thank you! Everything is working correctly. Your great support has made the decision to move all my sites to you easy. I will be moving about 10 sites to your service."
- B. Biddle

"Thank you so much for your quick response. The customer service is another reason I have chosen DiscountASP.NET as my site's host."
- PJ Guibord

"BTW, I'm a new customer and I really like your services so far."
- E. Van Buren

October 2004

"Thanks guys and I really appreciated your support you are the best :) By the way I work as Technical Support Specialist in a huge corporation here too and I really find your support is more than enough, well done and keep it up"
- F. Soufi

"I have been a customer for over a year. They have been very responsive in all issues to date and I must say far better compared to others."
- P. Singh

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the ease of getting my web-site up and running. Setting up my SQL Server Database and getting my web files uploaded was very easy - everything is working like it does on my local development machine. I was prepared to have some deployment "headaches", but so far, everything has worked beautifully. I had looked at other hosting services that charge a lot more per month (some as much as 10x more). With your low prices and excellent web-server performance/response times, I am glad I went with your service."
- E. Litwin

"Wow. You guys have a great service and provide excellent customer support! It makes me feel comfortable recommending you all the time. :) Thanks!"
- W. Hales

"Thanks for your assistance. You guys had been great. Very efficient. Cheers!"
- Don

"Since I've become a DiscountASP.NET customer I have had nothing but praise and admiration for this company. To begin, prior to becoming a customer I was using a couple of other popular and well known hosting companies. My company is in the business of Computer Consulting and we do a fair amount of website construction. At times past, I may have used several different hosting companies as resources to my customers. However, none of them have come close to the service, price, tools, and benefits of using DiscountASP.NET. In fact, I saved as much as 52% immediately when I switched one of my company's websites over to DiscountASP. Before that I didn't get 'half' of what I now get with this company. I'm in the process of waiting for other customer contracts to expire when I will be switching those over to DiscountASP.NET. In conclusion I can honestly say that I am proud to be one of DiscountASP.NET customers. Thank you."
- T. Wallace

"Thank you so so much! You have the best customer support. I love it. Thanks so much for the great service!"
- L. Asling

September 2004

"I am truly appreciative of your service. Any time I think of a feature I wish you had -- you have it. And you are batting 1000 in resolving problems that I run into. I hope your service is around forever."
- G. Alter

"Thanks for looking into it for me and thanks a lot for your guys quick responses. I am very impressed overall with the quality and especially timeliness of your guys tech support area. Keep up the good work"
- D. Cottle

"Many thanks for the quick response!"
- M. Daugherty

"Thank you so much for the excellent service...."
- R. Spurgeon

"Thanks for your help. I signed up for the $10/month package and I simply copied my files over and presto - everything worked like a charm. I didn't have to do any configuration changes. Everything was set up as was stated in the literature."
- R. Maillet

"Thank you very much for the excellent support in this matter.... I am very impressed by your support and webserver.... I appreciate your fast turnaround and to the point technical support that lead to simple solutions for my problems. I am glad I found you. Thanks and I am looking to working with you for a long time."
- E. Mildenstein

"I would sincerely like to thank the technical person/s who helped me out... The advice was prompt, efficient and right on the money. I am in Australia so who knows what time it was over there! - great work."
- J. Cannon

"Thanks for your quick response and timeliness with my questions. It is really appreciated and makes a HUGE difference... hence why I remain with you guys!"
- S. Fiske

"Thanks for your rapid reply and help!"
- S. Santikko

"I would like to thank you all on the ease of setting up a domain name and site with you. The forms were straight forward and idiot proof. Being an idiot when it comes to these kinds of tasks I was pleasantly surprised. Your site clearly points out what one gets for their money with extra information for those who need it in order to understand what you are talking about. I thank the DiscountASP.NET team for taking time to make the site user friendly and I certainly will be informing my friends about your site. All the Best"
- A. Mclean

"When severe site issues started cropping up on my site, DiscountASP.NET customer support responded immediately to my requests for help. They stuck with me through the problems until we eventually narrowed down the cause of the problems. Their support was friendly and fast and without their help I would not have been able to fix my issues so fast. This is a great service at cheap prices and I would highly recommend them to any small business."
- D. Zehner

August 2004

"This is the third site I've set up with you. This is an incredible service for our small business! We will set up a site for each new customer we work on, and we are growing as fast as we can handle. "
- A. Ibarg

"Excellent tech support. Easy to work with, and quick replies to email questions."
- S. Point

"Thank you for your support - real quick :)"
- J. Gattoni

"Many thanks! You guys are great. Your help was prompt and efficient when I needed you - just one more reason I am a satisfied customer."
- W. Meyers

"Thank you! I have been one of their customers for awhile now - great product. You adding [Graphics Server .NET Charting Component] is just one more reason why your company will continue to host more and more of my and my client's web sites!"
- R. Perritt

"Great service, great support. Over and out, for now."
- T. Robertson

"Our service has been terrific, the site is incredibly dependable and fast. The new services you keep bringing online are great, keep up the good work. Pushing up our site is trivial within Visual Studio.NET. If you're planning on hosting a .NET application I recommend DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Griffin

"My previous host was not willing to move up to ASP.NET, so after doing some research we decided to move to DiscountASP.NET. Even with a detailed database and nearly 20,000 files the entire process took place in an afternoon. The control panel makes setting everything up a breeze, and help is available along the way. I can hardly wait to start using some of the components they have available."
- T. Stevens

July 2004

"Once again, thank you for your stellar support. I'm very impressed with DiscountASP.NET and have already setup 3 websites with your service. Keep it up!"
- S. Ediger

"Thanks for your help I'm impressed with the way you do your business. You have always been very prompt in your responses, and I'm feeling confident that you will deliver excellent service once our web site is up and running. Thanks again."
- A. Lamper

"I just have to say how happy and pleased I am with your services. I suggested certain features in the last survey, never expecting to actually get them, but you guys came through. I am a web designer, and I recommend your site to all my clients. Keep up the excellent work!"
- A. Akin

"You have no idea how much loyalty you create when you add services at no additional cost (like more space). I've been a very happy user 9 months now, have 2 sites, and recommend you highly to everyone I meet. Keep up the good work! You should be very proud of what you're building.

In the beginning I was nervous having only e-mail support. Of course, there have been minor glitches but the e-mail support was always fast. But more importantly, having my servers hosted by you has cut down 90% of the time I spend fussing with servers. I still run some development servers so I don't forget the headaches associated with hosting your own sites. What makes DiscountASP.NET stand out from the crowd is that in ADDITION to stable and low-cost server hosting, you continue to add components and features. I don't worry that you'll fall behind with current .NET developments. DiscountASP.NET has a passion for what they do and it shows."
- M. Rottersman

"I really appreciated your prompt reply."
- G. Crocetti

"Woot Woot, that I call a quick response. Thanks again for the quick response, one more time satisfaction from your side!"
- Daniel R.

"I just wanted to say that DiscountASP.NET is doing a great job as my host. After positively responding to the customer satisfaction survey and implementing suggestions, I am very pleased as a customer. I am especially pleased about the RichDatePicker. I will be renewing my account with DiscountASP.NET for another year because your service is problem free and ya’ll are willing to listen to your customers. Thank you!"
- S. Keener

"I'm a consultant and I have used many hosting companies over the years and I must tell you I have been very pleased with the service I have received. My site was setup quickly without as hitch and the control panel is very comprehensive and easy to use. The features are exactly what most users need and the cost is very reasonable. I will be moving my other websites over to your service and I will be recommending you to all of my customers who require a Windows hosting service.. Keep up the great work !!!"
- K. Ramsey

"Thanks! Your customer support is stellar."
- J. Dean

"Thanks for your response. By the way, I have to commend you all on your level of service - very quick and knowledgeable."
- P. Thistlethwaite

"This is a GREAT company to do business with. Their prices are REALLY GREAT, and they have almost any option that you may need for your website ALREADY INCLUDED...!!! They had my order taken and my site up within 24 hours, NO PROBLEMS at all."
- D. Richardson

"I am really happy with you folks — I have been using you for a while and I couldn’t be more pleased - the extra components you offer are great."
- E. Katz

"Hey thanks for the increase in storage and bandwidth. You are the best. Keep up the good work."
- T. Antonucci

"Thanks for increasing disk space and bandwidth! You just keep getting better all the time!"
- R. Deigsler

"Thank you so much for your quick response. I cannot say enough about DiscountASP.NET when it comes to customer service. I will continue to recommend your services to my peers."
- C. Taber

"Many Thanks! You guys are the best."
- J. Peterson

June 2004

"You'all have been very helpful and quick to respond."
- J. Burke

"THANK YOU!! You guys do a great job, and you obviously care about your customers. Tell your manager that I have referred friends to you guys already, and will do so even more now."
- D. Atkins

"Thank you so much for the RAPID response. Your support rocks."
- S. Ediger

"Thanks for the heads-up and quick response!"
- T. How

"This is why I LOVE DiscountASP.NET. Your techincal support is responsive second to none. And ALWAYS ALWAYS friendly and without delay... even for the little guy like me."
- D. Sauer

"Thanks. I really appreciate the quick response from you and anyone I've ever contacted. Happy Customer! :)"
- B. Stewart

"Just wanted to say thanks. This seems to have resolved the issue. You were quick with the response and helpful. Keep up the good work."
- B. Rice

"Thanks a lot for the quick action!"
- C. Ding (another satisfied customer)

"... I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we've been very happy since signing up with DiscountASP.NET. I've also begun to migrate small client applications to this site, and they've been working with abosolutely no problem at all. It's nice to see a webhost who installs both ASP and components correctly and maintains them, and they've been working for us completely problem-free. I anticipate migrating many more domains to your servers over the next couple of years. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Ogle

"My partner and I currenly host [three domains] through your service, with no problems at all. DiscountASP.NET has always been fast, courteous, and the site is NEVER down. We originally hosted through Yahoo! website services -- we could rarely get any response at all from Tech Support, our billing was frequently wrong and the site was down at least 2 to 3 times a week. DiscountASP.NET's reliability and speed has allowed us to add value to our service and gain new clients in the process. Please keep up the good service-- I am thoroughly pleased with DiscountASP.NET."
- R. Warning

"I think you guys do a great job and I have been really happy with the service I have received since signing up with you."
- P. Brook

"Thanks for installing these apps so quickly, you guys are the best!"
- B. Bradley

May 2004

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed setting up some file trees using Obout. It was very simple and very customizable. Thanks again. As a new customer, it really makes a difference to see progressive features such as this. Rest assured that, at this level of service, I will bring other domains to you in the future."
- M. Reilly

"I am grateful for your expertise – I had hosted [my site] with another company. Nothing magic, just some simple applications that require proper handling of ODBC DSN with MS Access. I loaded the site into the (still) temporary space and tested it – everything is working fine. This problem could not be resolved after two month of talking with the technical staff at the previous site. With you – I didn’t even have to talk, it just worked! Thanks again."
- W. Kraemer

"Thank you so much, that took care of my problem - You guys are great!!!!"
- A. Viges

"Thanks a lot, could not ask for a better result. Again your customer service is top notch, Thanks a lot, Great Work"
- J. Miller

"This is my second site so far using DiscountASP.NET - and I have to say that it has been a VERY smooth transition. I am even using DotNetNuke portals and it is going great!"
- E. Smith

"Firstly, let me congratulate on what a fantastic host you are and I commend you on the excellent services you provide!"
- J. Walker

"Thank you very, very much! You guys do good work...I mean it."
- J. Huff

"Thank you very much. Your service is superb!"
- D. Johnson

"BTW, your support is the best I have seen at any hosting company, software company, or any other company doing business through the internet. You always provide solid answers my questions and you consistently do this in a timely manner."
- M. Mrachek

"Thanks! You guys are great! I'm moving my other web site over to your service."
- W. Duvall

April 2004

"I have just transferred by Web site from an EXPENSIVE ISP to you and I can only echo the comments from other people who have transferred their Web to you. I only wish I had transferred sooner. I did have concerns about whether or not my Web would continue to function without changing too much code, and apart from changing the code to use ASPMail instead of CDONTS it was a pretty painless exercise. I am most impressed with the speed in which the Web site was made available to me, and also how quickly you were able to create an MS SQL 2000 database. I think the whole process to set up a Web with a SQL database took about 15 minutes, incredible. Well done for providing an affordable, feature rich hosting service (with an excellent control panel). It's excellent value for money and almost too good to be true. I was almost beginning to lose interest in my Web because the monthly payments we just too much (£45) compared to your quarterly charge. What a saving and I get a load more features and FREE access to more ASP components!"
- T. Haylock

"Thanks for you help and quickness in resolving this issue. It is much appreciated. I am very pleased with the service I have so far received."
- B. Rice

"Thank you very much. Great Service!"
- G. Churchley

"I recently moved my ecommerce website to DiscountASP.NET and let me tell you that I am pleased with the service. For $10 a month I am getting so many things built in to my hosting already. A+++"
- P. Parikh

"I had a variety of services with [another ISP]. After paying through the nose for these services and fear of making these changes, I decided to switch to DiscountASP.NET. Not only was this process painless, but your technical support was very nice. In fact, I would say they were extremely patient given the number of questions I had. At the moment, I am finding how easy it is to actually use your system. You have taken the complexity out of domain hosting. Great Job!"
- R. Crane

"I just set up a new account and was amazed at how smoothly it went. The one support question I had was answered promptly. I've had a web site since 1997 with the same ISP. When they merged with a larger company, the service went downhill rapidly. However, I put off switching because I expected it to be a huge hassle. Not so with your company. I was up and running in less than 24 hours. Thanks."
- S. Karten

"You all ROCK! I just have to say that. I am incredibly impressed with the services and support that you have given me over the time you have hosted my apps. I am the training manager for [a large busy] I.T. Training company, and I showcase your products often. I deliver many of our .NET courses, including ASP.NET Web Services, ASP.NET Web Development, Developing Windows Apps with C#, as well as many others. I often refer students to your hosting services, and have had a few students come back and thank me for the referral. It's good to have someone like you that can truly deliver an outstanding product at reasonable prices."
- N. Horton

"Thanks for all your help. This level of service is why we continue to use Thanks again!"
- R. Smith

"PERFECT! Thank you for the detailed reply! You guys are really the best!"
- S. Shepherd

"Once again, you guys come swooping down out of the sky and save the day!!! Thank you so much - you are THE BEST- Hands down. In fact, I am pretty sure that I am going to get the job for the move/create new pieces of an entertainers website. I am definitely moving the site to DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #4)

"Thank you so much....once again the support I receive on DiscountASP.NET is #1 in my book - the best I've ever seen!! DiscountASP.NET is THE BEST hosting site I've ever dealt with. The support here is fantastic!!"
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #3)

"I just wanted to tell you guys that once again, your technical support is terrific, and also, I was going thru the Knowlege Base articles to find out how to delete a subweb, and I found the article, followed it's instructions, and poof, the subweb is gone - It is so nice to find something that works the way the instructions say it does!!! Once again DiscountASP.NET is a dream hosting site for a programmer!!! Keep it up."
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #2)

"I have had nothing but prompt, helpful support from your support team, and that is more than I can say for a lot of places. It's really been a great experience, so much so that if I do land this development job for an interactive site, is the first place I am going to point my client to deploying her application..... Thank you. You guys are super. All the help is really appreciated!!!"
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #1)

"I have to say I'm tremendously pleased with the service I've been getting for the year+ I've been with you. You are always introducing free services and other enhancements."
- T. Sekula

"Thank you, and .. thank you! So far you guys are MUCH much better than the other guys I switched from. I may as well also add that I've been trying - via email and voicemail messages - for 4 - 5 days to cancel that account at the prior web host and have not received a reply nor a confirmation...."
- C. Karo

"Thank You Very Much. You could not have handled that any better. Thanks for the quick response time and everything else. If everyone had customer service like you guys or gals; thing would be so much easier for everyone. Thanks again for the great work and keep it up."
- J. Miller

"I wanted to thank you for all your assistance and your prompt attention to support requests and add-ons. Dealing with you has been a complete pleasure compared to other hosting companies I have dealt with in the past. Please keep up the good work. Your customers greatly appreciate it."
- W. Duvall

March 2004

"I wish to tell you how impressed I am with your company. All my questions were asked very quickly. I had many problems at my previous web hoster. Due to your organization and .NET experience I was able to settle in quickly. All of the outstanding issues that I was having at the previous site dissolved when I copied my app to your site. Kudos!"
- M. Barron

"You guys rock! Since switching to DiscountASP.NET, I've experienced nothing but pure hosting bliss from a development/administrative perspective. And it's fast and cheap!! Thanks so much!"
- D. McGowan

"Just a short note to say that I've been very impressed with your service. So much so that I have setup 5 web sites with you in just the last few months. Thanks again I'm looking forward to years of using your service."
- D. Vest

"When I switched my site over from another host provider, I found the process easy and hassle-free. The tools that were almost immediately available. You provided me the information I needed to ensure a smooth transition. I moved a database-connected site over without so much as one I would highly recommend to any of my colleagues to use DiscountASP.NET. You are inexpensive compared to many other ASP-centric hosting providers and have the kinds of tools and quickness of support that even more expensive hosts do not provide. Great job, guys, keep up the great work. You guys rock!"
- F. Bria

"Thank you. Your customer support turnaround time is very good, I'm happy to be hosting my business with you."
- T. Johannsen

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FAST REPLY! And your explanation is excellent! Thanks again. I'm very happy switching to DiscountASP.NET."
- J. Herrmann

"I just wanted to say you guys are awesome with your response time. Even on a Sunday I can ask questions like this, and get answers not only the same day, but within minutes. Unheard of with any of my past hosting experiences. Thanks very much for all your help."
- R. Koskovick

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your service so far. I’m in the process of moving my site from another server, and I’ve tried several other servers. Unhelpful people staffed them ..., and they were all totally un-ASP+ friendly (regardless of what they say) and they offered no help whatsoever for Visual Studio or Web Matrix uploads. I now have a FrontPage based site, which I’m managing from both FrontPage and Visual Studio, and it is the easiest time I’ve ever had with a remote server. The Web Application Tool is the only one I’ve seen, and it works! I hope that your service stays at the level and the price that it is now – if so, I’ll be a long time customer and vocal advocate."
- J. Dean

"I want you to know that I really appreciate the email virus protection you are providing. It has been intercepting about 3 virus or potential virus messages per day (broken headers). You continue to offer an excellent level of service and functionality and I recommend your hosting services often."
- G. Nelson

"Beautiful! You guys are amazing! Three minute turn around time! Not bad :) ... I'm currently starting a web development firm and I'm planning on using your services for all my new clients. The price, product and, above all, service makes DiscountASP.NET the best hosting company I've ever come in contact with! Thanks for your great work!"
- J. Schneider

"Thanks for your rapid response."
- F. Junkins

"I would like to extend my compliments to you on your antivirus scan. You blocked three ugly viruses, but more than that, you told me and provided me an opportunity to know that a specific email was blocked so that I might ask a valid sender to clean up his/her mail and resend."
- P. O'Neill

"Thank you very much for your prompt support!"
- O. Caban

"You guys do a fantastic job and are very responsive. Thanks a lot."
- S. Baral

"Hey! I'm pleased by your responses as you've solved my issues!!!! Here's a British Cheers!"
- D. Haworth

"BTW, Your support has been excellent!"
- A. Heifetz

"Thanks for your speedy replies. So far I'm impressed with the level and quality of communication I'm receiving from your company."
- J. Daniels

"Appreciate the extremely quick response back (especially on a Fri evening). Keep up the good work!"
- R. Kakayadi

"By the way, your support response times are excellent."
- P. Conway

"I appreciate DiscountASP service very well! Thanks."
- D. Jan

February 2004

"Thanks a lot Boss. I must say that I haven't come across any service provider with such a prompt and out of the way support. Your support is really excellent."
- A. Mathur

"I greatly appreciate the help you provided, especially helping point me in the right direction for DNN... Thanks again for the terrific support." and "Once again, thanks for the terrific support."
- J. McVickar

"I JUST created an account and already I am impressed with the online search because I was having issues with Visual Studio. Thanks for creating a developer friendly site..."
- R. Krausse

"I would like to comment on how impressed I am with the speed of your responses, particularly from technical support. Technical support in general within this industry is horrific. For this reason I typically avoid sending support requests and try to come up with a solution/fix myself. Great job and thank you!"
- J. Burgett

"Just wanted to say that you are by far the best hosting company I have used! I currently have two different sites hosted with you and will be bringing at least one more over in the next few weeks. Looking over our logs, there have been hacker attempts to get into our webconfig file and attempts to break into our site using previous MS security flaws. None of them were successful... glad to see you are applying all patches in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work"
- W. Manasra

"Thank you for the quick response. You guys have excellent service!!"
- B. Leckett

"Wow ! If you guys aren't voted the best hosting service then the voting is rigged! You guys rock."
- G. Obleshchuk

"I really appreciate you all's promptness in supporting your web-hosting servers. This has really made a difference for me. Thanks."
- J. Andrews

"I just wanted to say that you guys do an GREAT JOB! I have used several hosting companies in the past and none of them compare to DiscountASP.NET. The support team is phenomenal!. is the only company for me."
- C. Harker

"Looks like it's working a treat! Before I sign off just want to say one thing - I've had quite a few changes and odd requests since opening taking up your hosting package just before Xmas and all contact with DiscountASP.NET has been professional, courteous and extremely helpful.... please pass on my appreciation and compliments to everyone there!"
- M. Waugaman

"Thanks for the information and again want to congratulate you for the high quality support service you give. You have a ISO 9001 Service Quality!"
- A. Vazquez

"Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and thanks a lot. I'm new to all these features so playing around. I converted from [competitor] and am already much more pleased... It took me 3 days just to get an AUTORESPONSE from their customer service... Thanks again."
- J. Lomeli

January 2004

"This feedback is for the Support team. Thanks for your prompt and technical expertise for the past requests that I have made in regards to my web site. You guys are a rare breed. I believe that this is the best hosting service that I have had in the past 3 years. Thanks in advance for prompt help and committment to customer service. If CRM had a name, it would be www.DiscountASP.NET."
- A. O. Gunter

"Am very happy with having [my website] on your servers, just wanted to let you know. It's a great relief to wake up and know the site's there.... May also be moving another site... Thank you very much for being there."
- A. Allen

"I've just registered with you and I just want to say thank you! I've tried many other hosting companies claiming they fully support and found they didn't. I've found you to be the only one so far to offer everything I require, I only wish I had come to you sooner."
- P. Pleming

"Thank you, everything works great! I have been looking for a good webhost for ASP.NET for quite some time, and I must say that your company is by far the best I have ever been with. Your tech support is great... Have a great day!."
- C. Shaltry

"Just a thanks to let you know that I think you are doing a great job! I'm very satisfied with your service and will highly recommend it."
- N. McCamy

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