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The following reviews and testimonials are real comments provided by real customers.

"I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job of offering top quality ASP.NET hosting at an affordable price. I was surprised how smooth your signup process is. All the associated services came on immediately (email, ftp, dns, etc), which was great since I was pressed for time. Keep up the great work!"
- J. K. Croney
  Program Manager
  Microsoft ASP.NET Team

See DiscountASP.NET Reviews and Testimonials From:
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2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

Reviews and Testimonials From 2003

December 2003

"You guys are amazing... thank you very much for such a speedy reply..."
- R. Liska

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All appears to be working as expected from this end. I am extremely happy with your service and once again look forward to many years of business and referring clients."
- Anthony

"Thank you for the quick response. I am a new customer. I am very impressed. I am going to move the rest of my domains over here shortly."
- D. Sauer

"Thanks... that was the smoothest transition from one ISP to another that I think I have ever experienced. The setting up of the site space was fast... and I have to say that my site seems to be running faster than it used to be... so thanks again... :)"
- J. D.

"I noticed that you had setup my new account, so I uploaded a very simple .NET service that I compiled with VS .NET 2003 in C++ to a .dll and a .asmx file to my account putting the .dll in the bin and the .asmx file in my root dir. By golly it works perfectly. That doesn't seem like much to most people but to me it's very important because that's why I signed up with a web hoster like you who advertises .NET technology: I want to learn all about it and so I can now do that thanks to you folks. Thanks very much. I'm one happy customer!"
- C. Disdero

"Wow! I'm very impressed. I just signed up another client on your service this week and will continue to bring you business in the future. I am expecting at least one more in the next 30 days. Keep up the great work!"
- C. L. Davis

"Thank you for your quick reply. I'll anyways switch my web site to DiscountASP.NET because I'm very impressed about the outstanding work you guys are doing. And the price is VERY reasonable in the first place. Thanks for everything and I look forward switching to you guys in the very near future. Cheers."
- Jakbo

"Ah! Nice! Fast thinking! You guys are great!"
- John F.

"Thank you for your almost immediate reply. You guys are the best. I've dealt with many hosting companies and you are by far the most customer-oriented group around. I appreciate the level of attention and personal service you give. I will never host clients anywhere else."
- M. Coates

"You have been very prompt and courteous and I'm glad you take this seriously.... It's nice to feel like there is someone there that pays attention to our needs. Thanks again."
- M. Schramm

"Thank you very much. Your company so far has been superb on quick replies to any of my questions and concerns and I would like to commend you for that. Again, I thank you."
- C. Wise

"WOW! Just one word, WOW! I signed up for your services less than an hour ago and I'm simply blown away by how fast an infrastructure I've found. I signed up, changed DNS with Network Solutions, and created four web applications, 2 mail forwards and two POP addresses in under an hour! The uploading and recompiling of the .NET applications is one of the quickest and smoothest I've seen. DNS has resolved as well! Great job and I look forward to many years of service."
- A. Moquette

"Thanks for your quick response. I have had my site hosted by DiscountASP.NET since May, and have been very satisfied with your service. But the speed and clarity with which you responded to my question is very impressive."
- D. Foster

November 2003

"I would like to say that is joy to do business with a company such as yours. Everyone is a topnotch pro, and the responsivness surpasses anything I've seen in a long time. You and your entire team is to be commended. Keep up the good work."
- K. Lougnot

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking note for suggested components such as the rich text box, ssl and sub-domains. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that wanted these features, but thank you all the same. And also thank you for the increased space and bandwidth... I will make sure I will make use of them all. DisountASP.NET has done an outstanding job! Have a great day. :)"
- A. Cuevas

"Your tech is incredibly stable and you constantly surprise me with new options. I love it! The difference is night and day since we switched to your services. The quality of your services has been excellent and a noted difference from our previous server providers."
- J. Marker

"Great job!!! This code makes so much sense. I'm really impressed with your service and support. Thanks very much."
- A.D.

"You have just saved my professional reputation. I recently moved to ASP.NET as my dev platform of choice and have found it really exciting. I wish the same could be said of the UK-based hosts that I've tried. Several "offer" support for the framework, but in reality have yet to grasp the basics. I've had trouble with them not supporting the compiled code, wiring the machine.config with so many unoverridables so as to make most configuration options unworkable (in particular forms authentication!), non-visual access to MS SQL backend (scripting everything is so tiresome), and one who refused to support stored procedures!
In just 10mins (yes 10mins!), I have registered with you, uploaded my site through VS.NET, and found it live and working at the temporary URL as promised. I'm looking forward to domain registration and being able to use Enterprise Mgr tomorrow to setup my database. A million thanks and keep up the good work. Yours in amazement."
- I. Lowry

"I just transferred one of my client’s web sites to your server, and when I accessed it for the first time I was amazed. I had to check the URL to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently accessing a local copy of the site, it was running and loading that fast! I’ll be transferring all my business to your service. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys. It’s so hard to find a company that gets the job done this well. Your tech/customer support has gotten back to me much faster than any other company in any industry."
- I. Drake

"I have just recently swapped to your servers and wanted to say something. WOW. I had been with the same hosting service for the past three years and run my business from my web site. So uptime, performance and features are important to me, in fact my business depends on it. I never thought I would find a hosting service at a great price that offers as many feature and whose performance is better that my old site. I have. In addition to that it seems to me you run your support 24X7 (and you have people there 24X7!) This is a bonus to me, I live in Australia and when I notice things are wrong or have questions it's usually 2AM your time. I have lodged tickets and been pleasantly surprise to receive and answer and fix sometime within 30 minutes! Your ASP.NET service is great, it fast when up and running and really fast when it runs for the first time. Most other ASP.NET services I have tried take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to start-up. Yours is almost all times less than 10 seconds. Thanks for a great service at a fantastic price."
- Greg O.

"I have my site hosted at DiscountASP.NET for the last 5 months. From my experience I can say that they deliver much more than what they promise. My site offers Engineering Software for Desktop design as well as offers them as web applications online. DiscountASP.NET turned to be of great help to me indeed. They constantly add new components (25-30 components right now)and recently doubled the disk space, bandwidth, email accounts for no extra charge. Their control panel is outstanding and their support and service is excellent."
- N. Patrudu

"The support team at Discount ASP.NET is fantastic. They have a very quick response time, even on Sundays! They help you with almost any answer even if it isn't their fault and will suggest solutions to your problems. .... This isn't a "You get what you pay for," service, you get much more than what you paid for. I am very satisfied with the services of Discount ASP.NET."
- M. Borinsky

"So far my experience with you guys has been extremely positive. From setup to support things have really worked out well."
- B. Pryor

Octorber 2003

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you are the best host out there! Amazing product, great features, good support, reasonable prices! Thanks for a job well done."
- M. Hartmann

"I have used a number of hosting companies since the early 80's and I've got to tell you that DiscountASP.NET has been the easiest transition I have ever made between hosting companies. Your Control Panel is the most advanced I have ever seen. Your online and email help is the best I've experienced. I'm the Webmaster for a 4-year college and have webmastered a good number of sites through the years. I'm just starting to learn VB.NET and ASP.NET and I know I'm with the right hosting company now. I will be transferring other sites to DiscountASP.NET. Thank you!"
- R. W. Schmitt

"Can i just say this? You guys are the bomb. I wish my agency's support staff was as responsive and knowledgeable as DiscountASP.NET. I signed up with you guys in July and have not been disappointed, not one bit."
- A. Williams

"I just wanted to send you this email to let you know how impressed I was with the quick addition of our hosting account and registration of our domain. Your control panel is the best I have seen and I will be moving over 3 of my other hosting accounts as a result. Keep up the good work."
- S. Rosenfarb

"Thanks, and let me say you guys have and excellent response time... Not only that but I like you fellas so much that you are now hosting two of my websites and will probably be hosting a third before the end of the year. I also recommend you to all my friends whose sites are coming up for renewal."
- C. H. Jones

"It sure is refreshing to have a diligent, competent and responsive technical support!"
- J. Washburn

"I think you're providing an excellent support, certainly I would love to spread your service to people I know."
- V. Trinh

September 2003

"I just want to congratulate you for the excellent support service. I'm going to contact all friends I have to tell them to sign up with you."
- A. Vazquez

"I was looking for a good host with a reasonable price, and after a extensive research I find that DiscountASP.NET meet all my requirements. A EXCELENT ASP.NET-BASED HOST, AFFORDABLE PRICE, THE BEST SERVICE AND SUPPORT. I will recomend to all my clients. This Guys doing a Great Work!!"
- MO

"I have just opened an account... and I must say that your hosting company has been the most painless I have been to. The Control Panel is really nice and the performance is big jump from the last hosting company I used. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
- C. Harrison

"You guys rock! Your tech is incredibly stable and you constantly surprise me with new options. I love it! The difference is night and day since we switched to your services."
- J. Harker

"I have recommended DiscountASP.NET to several friends and clients based on the quick & helpful responses I get from your support team. There are plenty of inexpensive hosting companies out there; very few offer this kind of high-quality, professional support."
- D. R. Steen

"Thanks a lot. Also for the speed with which you reacted on my question."
- S. Lemstra

January - August 2003

"Holy Cow! You guys are awesome. That's the fastest service i've ever had from an ISP, period! Way to go DiscountASP.NET!"
- Mike

"THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS IN A VERY TIMELY MANNER. It's a comforting feeling knowing that there is someone behind the scenes watching over everything, making sure that we don't have any downtime and servicing all of our needs. THANKS DISCOUNTASP.NET TEAM!! Keep up the awesome job."
- C. L. Martini

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your hard work and willingness to go an extra mile for me. I'm very impressed with your lightning fast responses, high quality advice, and professional attitude. I'm happy to be your customer. I will advise all in need to use your services for hosting."
- C. Kostenko

"I have worked with a wide variety of businesses during my two decades of self-employment, and can say without qualification that I have never experienced such rapid and helpful customer service and technical support as that delivered by DiscountASP.NET. Indeed, the speed and helpfulness with which they answer my inquiries never ceases to amaze me. I am a customer for life."
- T. Savas

"It was many months of seraching before I found a company that offered a comprehensive, affordable and fully-featured hosting package that would suit my company's strong ASP and based website developement structure. I am also immensely pleased with the sheer scale and simplicity of the web-based client control panel. Our website technicians were very happy with the ease of use that the POP3 managers provide, and the easy integration of numerous linked-database sources, and also your scope to cater for a wide variety of development platforms and scripting methods."
- A. Copsey

"Thanks for your prompt replies and assistance so far. You are head and shoulders above my current hosting company in the customer service department, it seems. Sometimes it takes a week or more for them to get back to me. That's plain unacceptable."
- M. Coates

"Your control panel is the most sophisticated control panel I have ever come across ..... Did you develop that yourselves entirely? If so, that is a real landmark acheivement and a sincere congratulations on such a great product."
- M. Black

"I am extremely gratified with the professional and comprehensive candour with the service which you have provided me so far. Please allow me to express my thanks for your prompt and effective support."
- A. C.

"Thanks for your quick reply concerning my problem. The problem has been solved. I am impressed with your service. Thanks again!!!"
- Vincent

"You guys are the bomb!"
- M. Johnson

"I am very impressed with the level of customer service you provide. Thanks again."
- T.H.

"Thanks for your prompt reply. All sorted... Great customer service."
- G. Johnstone

"This is by far the best service I have ever gotten from a web hosting company ... Congratulations !!!"

"Perfect. Thank you very much. You guys rock!"
- M. Sandman

"Thanks again - your support service is truly one of the best!"
- P. Miller

"Your service is just unbelievably excellent! Keep up the great work! I am just short of words here... to appreciate your support!"
- S. Subramaniam

"Excellent job on your Control Panel / Support web interface. I'm very excited about your service, and am sitting on pins & needles waiting for the Domain Name to transfer. :) Look forward to continued business with you in the future."
- Ryan P

"This is the best technical support department I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with."

"I just got things setup and I had to take a moment to say WOW! The functionality/features of your hosting service are absolutely impressive! Never have I seen such a complete and *AFFORDABLE* solution for hosting. I will shortly be moving all of my hosting needs to DiscountASP.NET. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful product/services!"
- M. J. Hogge

"Absolutely terrific! From signup to support these guys have done a great job providing a much needed service - outstanding ASP(.NET) hosting at a price we can afford. Fast servers, flexible limits, SQL Server, FTP... everything I need for my .NET."
- T. Pezzelle

"I signed up for DiscountASP's three month discount and I must say that I am thrilled with the service, your technical support, additional application components and the general help afforded by your KnowledgeBase."
- S. D. Hanes

"That's what I want to hear :) - that is, a host that really KNOWS what they're doing and the consequences of their decisions!" ... Once again, 2 thumbs up to you guys! Keep up the excellent work!!" and "You guys never fail to impress me with your quick follow-up and are quick to help me."
- K. Apostolou

"What the devil is wrong with you guys? I ask a question and you respond with the correct information and in a timely manner. I am not used to this type of service. Many many thanks."
- H. Clements

"Thank you so much. Most Customer Service people would not go that extra mile... If I had to rate your customer service right now you would get 15 stars out of a possible 10 stars.... You made my day that much easier."
- J. Miller

"I'm very glad to recommend you to my clients. I've been in the software business since 1978 and have been dealing with hosting companies since 1994 and you offer by far the best deal and service I have ever experienced!"
- D. Lawson

"You guys rock. I have never ever seen a better, faster, more user friendly service than yours."
- K. Kahler

"Last month, I switched from another hosting service. I'm very glad I did. You guys have given me, practically instant TechSupport and most of the services are established automatically via the control panel. I am definitely recommending you to everyone I know."
- H. Figueroa

"I am very pleasantly shocked at how efficient and easy to use your hosting service is. After dealing with the other bozos out there, you are highly recommended."
- S. Bowers

"Each time I have a need for support, I become more convinced that you folks are the best web host on the net. In fact, of all of the web hosts I have used over the years, DiscountASP.NET is superior by far."
- P. Cook

"After all the false starts with my last ASP host ... I ended up giving up ...... But your service so far is terrific ... paid this afternoon, uploaded my site and away it goes - just like that! I was a bit apprehensive after my other experience, but there was no need to be."
- G. Mahoney

"You guys have provided a much needed service in a very professional way. Thanks for the quick responses to my inquiries and for the terrific job you've done to offer affordable dotnet web hosting."
- T. Pezzelle

"Good lord you guys are fast! Thanks for your quick reply. I've already switched two hosts till I found you guys. Now I know what the rave is all about. I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship with DiscountASP.NET."
- O. Amaro

"This is by far the quickest and best service I have had from a hosting provider ever!"
- J. W. Zondag

"You have a tremendous support team. It's been a refreshing experience to have prompt, technically accurate, and friendly service from a host! :)"
- D. D.

"The support I have received during this website transfer has been absolutely TOP NOTCH! I'm still waiting for a response to a trouble ticket I submitted to [my old hosting service] last [week]!"
- R. J. Archer

"Your service is excellent I am delighted with it. I spent some months trying to find a hosting service which really supported .NET, e.g., codebehind as opposed to saying they did. Thanks again and keep up the good work guys. Discountasp rocks!"
- C. Rae

"I just wanted to remark in what an excellent service you guys provide. From your fast page access to your speedy customer service, it is all good and I thank you for it."
- M. Park

"This is just to let you know that we are so far very happy with your technical support and the profesionalism of your team. You're doing a good job."
- P. R.

"Thanks for the speedy and helpful response you guys have provided!"
- H. L.

"Your response time is unbelievable."
- M. Carr

"You guys are absolutely fabulous. I did what you advised and now it's brilliant! Thank you really, thanks."
- Pat

See DiscountASP.NET Review and Testimonials From:
2010-16 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007
2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

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